Review: Faith No More – Sol Invictus (Ipecac)

Faith No MoreIt’s been a long 18 years since San Francisco genre-bending band Faith No More last released a studio effort, meaning one of two fates could have awaited Sol Invictus: It could either have been crushed under the weight of fans’ lofty expectations or it could be the logical continuation of where the beloved band left off almost two decades ago. Fortunately, the latter scenario prevails with the same reckless abandon that the band became known for on their previous efforts. The dominant guitar of “Superhero” finds the band in fine form, while on the aptly-named “Separation Anxiety,” the group builds to a powerful crescendo in a way that few other bands could execute as successfully. Vocalist Mike Patton delivers rather impressive performances on “Rise Of The Fall” and pseudo-western track “Cone Of Shame,” showing that Faith No More has eschewed the dreaded mellowing with age. If anything, they are only getting better.