Review: Danko Jones – Fire Music (New Damage)

Danko JonesWhile they enjoy a rabid following in Europe, Danko Jones remains an unfortunate footnote to many Canadians. The latter is certainly not because of a lack of effort on their part. Listening to their newest album, Fire Music, it is mind-boggling that these guys are not a worldwide phenomenon. Their take-no-prisoners approach to music, driven only by guitar, bass and drums (along with Jones’ vocals) is as pure as rock music gets these days. A frenetic energy runs throughout the album, most notably on “Body Bags” and “The Twisting Knife,” balanced out by the audible swagger on tracks like “Wild Woman” and the rhetorically named “Do You Wanna Rock?” Hopefully Canadians will take the latter as a cue to finally get on the Danko train.