Review: Chris Cornell – Higher Truth (Universal Music Canada)

Chris CornellOutside of Soundgarden, vocalist Chris Cornell’s previous solo efforts have displayed occasional shades of greatness, but have never really created a compellingly lasting legacy of music that you return to for repeated listens. Higher Truth stands to change that fortune, however. The album finds the singer-songwriter in an introspective mood, immediately evoking the same musical sensibilities that he displayed on “Seasons,” his acoustic solo debut track that appeared on the Singles soundtrack more than 20 years ago. It is a suit that fits the 51 year-old well, in spite of the biting nature of some of the album’s lyrics, such as “Murderer Of Blue Skies,” and first single “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart.” As a whole however, the record capably showcases Cornell’s still-impressive vocals and talent for songwriting. Not only has this album helped Cornell atone for the sin that was his 2009 release Scream, Higher Truth has helped the singer redeem himself with flying colours.