Review: Cheap Trick – Bang Zoom Crazy…Hello (Big Machine / Universal Music Canada)

Cheap TrickAs much as I love Cheap Trick, even the most ardent of fans can attest to the fact that their studio albums since the turn of the century have been somewhat on the inconsistent side. After making my way through Bang Zoom Crazy…Hello, the group’s 17th studio outing, it is evident that the band is back to firing on all cylinders. Kicking off with “Heart On The Line,” the band wastes little time in reasserting themselves as one of the finest bands of their generation. From the well-plotted guitar pop of “When I Wake Up Tomorrow,” and “Blood Red Lips” through to the album’s closing track, “All Strung Out,” Cheap Trick make it obvious that their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is more than warranted. ​​