Review: Brian Fallon – Painkillers (Universal Music Canada)

Brian FallonAfter stumbling with The Gaslight Anthem’s last studio record [2014’s Get Hurt], I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear of both the group’s current hiatus and that vocalist Brian Fallon, would be releasing a solo effort. A songwriter not shy about wearing his influences – Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty chief among them – on his sleeve, Painkillers travels roads including Americana and roots-rock while also paying tribute to his punk roots. Thematically, Fallon hasn’t strayed too far from his roots in the respect that heartbreak and nostalgia run rampant throughout his songs, affording the end result, while not perfect, a consistency that was sorely lacking on Get Hurt. Recommended tracks: “Rosemary,” “Long Drives,” and “Among Other Foolish Things.”