Radiohead – OK Computer (Collector’s Edition) (EMI Music Canada)


1997’s OK Computer would see Radiohead break from their Brit-Pop beginnings and give them even greater exposure on the world stage.

The record was Radiohead’s most diverse and experimental to date, with the band crafting complex songs on Paranoid Andr
RHOK.jpgoid while creating haunting melodies on Climbing Up The Walls and Lucky. Let Down and Karma Police were two of the only songs on the record featuring hints of their musical past while Electioneering showed a rarely seen heavier side of the group.

OK Computer still stands as one of their best records to date and has been made better by the inclusion of 15 bonus songs or B-Sides taken from the various CD singles released from the record.

There are two different remixes of Climbing Up The Walls included (the one by Fila Brazillia has a minimalist reggae slant to it, but it works) as well as three live tracks taken from a BBC Radio session in May 1997, almost two months prior to the release of OK Computer.

Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) starts as a simple guitar ballad before breaking into a more bombastic second part; Palo Alto is pushed by highly charged guitars while incorporating aspects of electronica throughout.

The DVD included in this set is perhaps the most scarcely populated of the three Radiohead reissues, containing the three videos from the record (Paranoid Android, Karma Police and the nerve-wracking No Surprises) as well as three tracks recorded on the Later With Jools Holland show at the end of May 1997.

OK Computer remains one of my favourite records of all time to this day. If you haven’t already sampled this outstanding record for yourself, this collector’s edition is sure to satisfy your curiosity and prove to be a more than worthy investment to already existing fans of the band.

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