Radiohead – Amnesiac (Deluxe Edition) (EMI Music Canada)

RadioheadAfter having released two landmark records back to back, Radiohead released their fifth album in 2001, barely a year after their previous record. Much like Kid A, Amnesiac featured the Oxford quartet continuing to dabble in electronica.

In addition to the original 11 track record, this deluxe reissue is stacked with a disc dedicated to 15 b-sides and outtakes certain to please the most ardent Radiohead fan.

Like the Amnesiac record itself, many of the outtakes are based in the electronic genre, ranging from the downright odd (Trans-Atlantic Drawl), to the experimental (Fast-Track) to live versions of previously released material (Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box, Knives Out).

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