Quebec Folk Group Canailles Return To Moncton


Although some artists and groups enter into the music business with their best laid-out plans before them, the absence of such plans has never held Canailles back. For the last four years, the Quebecois Cajun and bluegrass inspired band has been delighting audiences in what has proven to be a bit of a dizzying ride.

The group released a self-titled EP mere months after forming, pursuing a relentless touring schedule that brought them throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. The group paused to catch their breath with 2012’s Manger du bois before once again hitting the road to share their music with the world.

Canailles performs at Plan b Lounge in Moncton on Sunday evening in support of their newest effort, Ronds-points, released this past April.

Despite having entered the music business in 2010 with no formal plan, Canailles member Erik Evans says that the group might not have evolved in the manner they did had they been trying to live up to pre-set expectations.

“We started playing music together just for fun but after just a couple of days, we had been invited to start playing shows,” Erik says. “From that point on, we didn’t really know where we were going but six months later, we were recording our debut EP and booking a tour. We didn’t expect anything to happen with the group but are nothing but grateful at the way that things have played out for the band so far.”

Erik says he believes a big part of the group’s sudden success lies in the fact they took virtually all of the professional opportunities that were presented to them.

“When we first started playing together, our big goal was to play the renowned Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac in Quebec. And remarkably, that happened for us so we set our sights on the rest of Canada, Europe, Texas and Louisiana. We didn’t expect any of it to happen but it did. No one was more surprised than we were.”

Touring wasn’t the only thing to help put Canailles on the radars of others. Manger du Bois earned the group two nominations at Quebec’s prestigious ADISQ awards while winning the Show of the Year and Country Album of the Year Awards at GAMIQ, a Quebec Independent Music Awards ceremony.

Erik says while virtually everything that had come their way in the prior few years had been unexpected, it did in turn force the group to consider the quality of the songs they wrote for Ronds-points.

“We knew that we had been in front of a lot of people in the two to three years leading up to the making of Ronds-points,” Erik says. “Knowing that our audience had grown and would more than likely be listening to whatever we came up with for our latest record weighed on us somewhat. In the end however, we worked more collaboratively as a band to make Ronds-points the best record we could.”

What: Canailles
When: Sunday Aug. 24, 9:00 p.m.
Where: Plan b Lounge, 212 St. George St., Moncton