Q & A with Reversing Falls’ Tyler Crawford

Where do you currently call home?

Montreal, QC. I live in the heart of the Plateau neighbourhood.

Why do you live where you do?

For me, day to day life is very relaxed in Montreal. Most of my friends live here and the Plateau is convenient. It’s where I spend most of my time, but there are lots of other interesting parts of town as well. Right now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

What is occupying your time these days?
1 – My day job. I run the service department and do repairs for a store called Studio Economik. We sell high end equipment for recording studios. I fix every type and make of recording equipment on a day to day basis for everyone from hobbyist to high profile stars.

2 – My recording studio – I run a recording studio called Digital Bird Studios with my friends Martin Horn and Nick Kirschner. We record lots of bands, build equipment, collect gear and watch the streets of the Plateau. Right now we’re finishing up the new Parlovr album and are really excited for everyone to hear it.

3 – The band – we are in the first stages of recording our debut album. We’re working with producer Mark Lawson again because he’s a real pro and he’s a chill guy.

First record purchased and at what age?

I had lots of tapes from as far back as I can remember, starting with MC Hammer, Kriss Kross, Soundgarden and Oasis. I think the first record I bought myself was Rage Against The Machine’s Evil Empire. I was around 12 or 13 and my dad drove me across town to a used CD shop that had it. He asked if it had subliminal messages. I said no.

When did you start to play music?

I started playing guitar when I was 14. I learned on my dad’s acoustic and eventually got an electric, a Japanese knockoff telecaster. I’m still using that guitar for recording and live shows! I later started working at the store where I bought that guitar and was able to teach myself to play drums and piano when there was down time.

What three records could you not live without?

The Beatles – Revolver

Wu Tang Clan – 36 Chambers

Weezer – Blue Album

Who or what is getting too much attention these days?

I’m generally pretty accepting of any type of music as long as there is a melody, hook, or something interesting about the song/structure that grabs and keeps my attention. I check out a lot of new music and the stuff that I don’t like is music that is totally dependent on the production or technology used to make it. I hear a lot of music that is great in terms of the sound or production, but I forget it as soon as it’s over.

Who or what is not getting enough attention these days?

First would be Adam Mowery. He’s an old friend of mine and one of my favorite songwriters. He’s got dozens of great songs and they are filled with top notch melodies and hooks.

Second would be my favorite “Montreal” band of all time Daddy’s Hands. I put Montreal in scare quotes because they are originally from Victoria, but were based out of Montreal towards the end. Their songs are just so raw and visceral, but somehow manage to have great pop sensibilities in their as well. The first time I saw them play I just couldn’t look away. They have a tragic back-story, ending with the frontman Dave Wenger dying in a hit and run. This band is a big influence on me and I think they are criminally underrated.

What has been your most memorable show?

A little over a year ago we played for a Concordia Halloween event that was at an Armory, big weird gym type room. Two of our friends were very drunk and decided to take off all their clothes, come on stage during the middle of a song to dance around and smash a pumpkin. The army guards on duty promptly escorted them away.

Most extravagant rider item?

The only rider we have is the one I imagined in my head when I read this question. The thought of having a rider seems pretty extravagant at this point.

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