Q & A with Low Level Flight’s Ryan Malcolm

Canadians might better known Ryan Malcolm as the Season One winner of the Canadian Idol show but with Idol now a part of his past, Malcolm is moving forward. And so should you.

Malcolm formed Low Level Flight in 2006. They released their debut effort Urgency in 2007 and tomorrow (May 3), the group will unleash their sophomore effort Through These Walls. In listening to tracks like Cash Machine, a distinct sound of The Killers along with indie-rock royalty such as Interpol will come from your speakers.

Later this week, the group is set to embark on their first tour of the UK and also hope to return to tour India before long. In the latter country, the band became a seemingly overnight sensation, having their video hit #1 in the country while packing crowds in concert halls.

Low Level Flight’s Ryan Malcolm recently took the time to take part in the MusicNerd Q & A:

Where do you currently call home?

Toronto, Ontario

Why do you live where you do?

The Indian food, it’s great in my hood

What is occupying your time these days?

Getting ready to release our new album Through These Walls on May 3 in Canada and also in India. Yes, India! Busy preparing for our first tour of the UK starting May 7. We will be touring India this summer as well. Lots of planning! And also, our new website.

First record purchased and at what age?

Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits, I was 9 years old!

When did you start to play music?

9 years old….Inspired by Simon and Garfunkel album purchase perhaps?

What three records could you not live without?

U2 – Rattle and Hum

Radiohead – OK Computer

Interpol – Antics

Who or what is getting too much attention these days?

Rob Ford (Toronto’s new mayor) and The Snuggie

Who or what is not getting enough attention these days?

Every social issue outside of North America

What has been your most memorable show?

Opening for Interpol at the Sound Academy in Toronto

Worst career moment thus far?

Realizing nobody buys music anymore. I am hoping that changes soon.

Most extravagant rider item?

We aren’t fans of big riders. We are business men as well as artists, so we would rather keep the rider budget under control and put the extra money in our pockets. Although we do like alcohol.