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Classifying UK musician Kav isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks. In listening to his track “Soul Lovin'” (link to the video is below), you will be treated to shades of The Black Crowes and Oasis all rolled into one. There is a delightful grittiness to his music that should make him a big name on both sides of the Atlantic before long.

Kav recently took the time to participate in the  MusicNerd Q&A, marking the first Trans-Atlantic Q&A opportunities I have had the chance to do!

What is occupying your time these days?

My project ‘KAV’ & writing music for various projects.  View my latest video ‘Sonic Soul Lovin’ here.

First record purchased and at what age?

The first record I played was when I was around 8 years old on vinyl and it was my Aunties copy of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.  It just opened up the world to me. When I was around 11, I was on a visit to Montreal with my family and I bought Guns n Roses’ Appetite for Destruction on cassette with my pocket money.

When did you start to play music?

13 years old

If we took a look inside the bedroom of a 13-15 year old you, what posters would have been on the walls?

The Beatles, The Stones, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, The Charlatans, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Oasis, Primal Scream, The Black Crowes, The Who, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Dylan, The Charlatans and a few Football posters! I use to make cut outs of my favourite bands and make my own collages.

When I was 15 years old, I was asked to decorate Oasis’s dressing room with posters that would make them feel at home, because I was a big fan & my rehearsal studios were in charge of the decoration.  I put loads of Manchester United posters everywhere. I knew they were all big Man City fans apart from Bonehead, so I guess it was a bit of wind up. Seeing as I was the only guy, none of the girls were in to football, so I got away with it, I’d convinced them that this is what would make them feel most at home being from Manchester.  I told Liam Gallagher about it later that night and he was cool & he just sort of laughed it off. Top man!

What three records could you not live without?

The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St and Beggars Banquet

Where do you currently call home?

Leicester, England I guess. London used to be my home and it still feels like it whenever I’m back there. I feel most comfortable in Los Angeles though.  I could also definitely live in Toronto at some point. I love that city.

Why do you live where you do?

I live between the States and the UK mainly because I love the independent music scene in LA and the venues and the vibe. I feel inspired everyday there and I write a lot of music.  I also play a lot of live shows when we’re out there. I love the energy!

I spend a few months back at home in the UK every so often, because it’s where I’m from and I miss it if I’m away for too long.  When I come back to the UK, I tend to stay in a lot more & focus on my music.  But when I do go out, it’s for a good reason.  I’ve just got back from a killer night out with Tom from Kasabian & Kasabian’s Tour DJ Dan Ralph Martin, fellow Leicester boys who did an amazing DJ gig at London club Proud 2 on Saturday.  It was a stormer.

Who or what is getting too much attention these days?

The Vaccines, just because they have a massive marketing budget.  Money talks.  Plus all these ridiculous idol programs like ‘American Idol’ &  ‘The X Factor’ which we have in the UK.  Bit of joke really!  It’s circus time. They should just get the elephants out, give them a song and see if they can sing. Actually, can we copyright that idea now because they are probably making a TV show about it as we speak.

Who or what is not getting enough attention these days?

Chuck Norris, that man used to be on fire! He should be governor of his own state!

What has been your most memorable show?

Probably at SXSW in Texas in 2010, the first one for all the wrong reasons but also for a few good reasons. There were a few things flying around and things got a little out of hand. I would also say the El Rey in Los Angeles with Datarock & maybe Fuji Rock 2006 when I was playing guitar for the Happy Mondays the first year. Sorry that’s three shows!

Worst career moment thus far?

I can’t remember, I usually block them out. I suppose if I go there I will open the void of darkness. I’m not really into opening the gates of hell anymore. It can take a while to get over that shit. I’m just looking forward at the moment and enjoying every moment of playing in a band.  Bad things happen all the time, in all of our lives, it’s normal. At times it can be really hard and it has been so many times but I can’t remember any of it at the moment.  Today, I’m in a good mood! It’s good to get me on a good day, so no bad vibes here.

Most extravagant rider item?

We didn’t request the item but it showed up in the form of a man. We’d played a gig in London with Howard Marks and we were just going back into the dressing room and Shane Macgowan from The Pogues was sitting in there working his way through our rider. That probably turned into one of the most interesting rider situations I have ever experienced.

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  1. I am looking forward to KAV’s next UK performance.


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  2. love the Oasis story… & rider item made us lol …

    this music is made for North America – we’ve been waiting for a real music like yours. Definitely let us know about tours & we can spread the word.

    Peace & big respect!
    Vinyl Billy

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