Q & A with C’mon’s Ian Blurton

If musicians were paid based upon their contributions to the music scene which they are a part of, Ian Blurton would be a gagillionaire.

I first got to know Ian via his band Change of Heart, a band that deserved much more success than what came their way. Though the band managed to score a Top 5 hit in Saskatchewan with their song “There You Go”, widespread commercial acceptance of the band always seemed to elude them. This was unfortunately in spite of the fact that videos from the last two Change of Heart records saw an impressive amount of play on Muchmusic back in the 90’s. The band went their separate ways in 1997.

After Change of Heart, Blurton went on to form a new band Blurtonia who released two albums. He also joined Montreal rawk band Bionic as a second guitarist for a period of time. It was while Ian was touring with  Bionic  that I vividly recall him telling me that he had a new band on the go: C’mon.

I want to qualify that I loved Ian’s past bands but when it came to C’mon, all bets were off the table. There was a heaviness and grittiness to the group that made me feel as though he had found a true calling – guitar-driven songs that deserve to be played at full volume and then some.

As if his storied musical past isn’t enough,  Blurton is also a sought-after producer, having overseen records by the likes of The Weakerthans, Tricky Woo and Moncton’s The Motorleague.

Ian recently took the time to participate in the MusicNerd Q&A which you can read about below. If you have not yet heard C’mon for yourself, check out this link where you can download their song “We Gotta Secret”.

Where do you currently call home?

In this universe.

Why do you live where you do?

I have no idea.

What is occupying your time thee days?

C’mon is recording 5 new songs right now and will start touring again soon. One song will be on a soundtrack to a movie about LARPing while the other 4 will hopefully be on a 10″. I’m mixing a re-recording of a record I did called Happy Endings that came out as a CDR over a year ago. I redid it with the band I play live with (Huron) when I do shows under the name Happy Endings. That should be out on vinyl by the summer. I have also joined a Black Flag/Poison Idea style punk band with members of The Sadies/Teenanger/Sunbear that will have a 7″ soon. Recording: Little Foot Long Foot, Swords (from Newfoundland), Bellaclava, The Get Down and a new jingle
for The Best Show on WFMU.

First record purchased and at what age?

Alice Cooper – School’s Out. I came out of my mother’s womb clutching it.

When did you start to play music?

6 years old

What three records could you not live without?

Raw Power – The Stooges
Damned Damned Damned – The Damned
Tago Mago – Can
The Banana Splits Theme song
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Who or what is getting too much attention these days?

Charlie Sheen

Who or what is not getting enough attention these days?

Endless Boogie
Blood Ceremony
White Denim
Rock Music

What has been your most memorable show?

As a performer, it would have been opening for Hawkwind. We finished a soundcheck jam and Hawkwind was standing around on the stage and they started clapping.

As an audience member, I would say probably The Damned in NYC in 1991. It was two line-ups of the band (the first and third) touring together and at the point
a band member quit he would walk off the stage and be replaced.

Worst career moment thus far?

I would have to say that I really hate getting electric shocks. They always suck.

Most extravagant rider item?

I haven’t sent out a rider in years. Do drink tickets count??

Why should people care?

Because if you don’t care about anything then yr dead inside.

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