Pick A Piper Play Moncton Thursday Night

Pick a Piper PRESS PHOTO 4 photo cred Scott Barber
Photo by Scott Barber

As the live drummer for acclaimed band Caribou, Brad Weber had an itch to scratch. When not busy with performing with Caribou, he had been compiling material for the project that would become Pick A Piper. The electronic-influenced group, performing at Moncton’s Tide & Boar next Thursday evening, recently released their self-titled full-length debut effort via Vancouver indie label Mint Records.

“I had been accumulating solo stuff for quite some time in the time leading up to 2008. I was looking for a new outlet to create music under,” Weber says. “I was looking for something that I could take the reins of and make my baby but also collaborate with others. The original idea was to make dance music but make it with a heavy emphasis on drums and percussion. The band has changed a lot since then however.”

While Pick A Piper’s newest record isn’t necessarily the group’s first release, it is in fact their first “official” release. Prior to this release, Weber had been selling a pair of EPs off the stage to ensure that fans had something to take home with them at the end of the night.

Having now gone through the experience of releasing EPs and now a full-length album, Weber says that his loyalties only lie with getting the music heard. He does not cite as the EP being preferable over the LP or vice versa.

“I am really not in favour of any one format,” he says. “It is really up to the artist and what makes sense for them.

“This record represents the first time that I had a collection of music that was thought out and planned. It also opened up the collaborative nature of the music to others as well though. Getting my band mates and friends to come in and lay down ideas to a drum loop and bass line that I had created and in turn filter all of those ideas through one process to make a cohesive end product was a great process.”

At the start of May, Pick A Piper released an animated video for the track “Cinders and Dust,” the third video to be released from their latest album. Animated by Graeme Reed and illustrated by Reed’s brother Kyle, Weber says that having the opportunity to create and release a music video that is not a straight-ahead performance video is a rather exciting prospect.

“It is almost a blessing in disguise to get to try different video ideas in this day and age. We very much see videos as a natural extension of the creative process. Having the chance to reach out to different people and hear about their take on a song is something that I find to be very cool. You end up receiving ideas that I probably wouldn’t have thought of for myself.”

Article published in the July 12, 2013 edition of the Times & Transcript