Our Lady Peace Set To Ring In The New Year In Moncton


It has been more than two decades since Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace ascended to superstardom here at home and abroad. With a total of nine releases accounting for upwards of 2.2 million records sold in Canada, the group, along with I Mother Earth and Nova Scotia band Alert The Medic, will be giving 2015 an epic send off at Moncton’s Casino New Brunswick on Thursday night.

Aside from the release of their single “Won’t Turn Back” in the summer of 2014, things have been relatively quiet in the Our Lady Peace camp, although bassist Duncan Coutts assures fans that the group has new material in the works as we speak.

“We released ‘Won’t Turn Back’ and had intended to make it a part of an EP or a bigger collection of songs, but that just hasn’t come to fruition just yet. It doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t turning behind the scenes though,” he says.

An initiative undertaken by the band last fall looked to appease fans that were on the hunt for unreleased music, studio journals, videos and more from the group. The cost of such rarities? Your email address being included in the band’s Transparent Humans distribution list.

Coutts says Our Lady Peace considered the initiative the perfect way to engage their fanbase in today’s internet-driven world.

“It’s getting harder to monetize music at this point, but the truly exciting thing about where the business is at these days is that we are able to connect and communicate with fans in ways we never dreamed would be possible. Having the opportunity to share these little nuggets or a snippet of what we are up to with our fans in an almost instantaneous way is just mind boggling.”

One of the arguably biggest changes that Our Lady Peace has undergone in the last five years was the 2014 departure of drummer Jeremy Taggart. Coutts insists there is no bad blood or ill will with Taggart, saying the drummer simply felt it was time to move onto another challenge in his life.

“It’s like almost any relationship. We were brothers with Jeremy for 20 years and will always consider him a brother. He was just ready to move onto the next phase of his career, which, in his case, meant a logical move into the world of comedy. It might seem odd to those outside of the band, but Jeremy kept the bus laughing for almost 20 years. It is completely fitting that he is out on the road with [Canadian actor] Jonathan Torrens,” Coutts says.

“For Raine [Madia, vocalist], Steve [Mazur, guitarist] and I, we felt as though we still have things to say, so it was natural for the group to move on. As far as Jeremy’s departure is concerned though, there is nothing the least bit complicated about it.”

Taking care to not come across as though he is disparaging Taggart’s work with the band, Coutts notes that current Our Lady Peace stickman Jason Pierce has helped inject new life into the band, which has afforded them the opportunity to see and hear their catalogue in a whole new light.

“There can be a bit of danger when a band stays together too long; you can start repeating yourself and the creativity can slowly die off. You never want to get too comfortable. With Jason coming on board, it’s like we’ve had new life breathed in our lungs. It’s an exciting place to be.”

What: Our Lady Peace with I Mother Earth and Alert The Medic
When: Thursday Dec. 31, 9 p.m.
Where: Casino New Brunswick, 21 Casino Dr., Moncton
This event is sold out