One part entrepreneur, one part musician

In 2006, Saint John musician Dwayne Doucette released his debut CD, which garnered some radio airplay and also snagged him the opportunity of opening for Halifax rocker Matt Mays. And while Doucette has continued playing the odd show in the Saint John region, he has plenty of work to keep him otherwise occupied.

Doucette has added the title of entrepreneur to his list of accomplishments, starting Green Planet Sprayfoam Insulation. The company specializes in residential and commercial application of Walltite ECO sprayfoam insulation. Doucette has accumulated 3.5 years of experience in the construction and renovation industry to date and says that demand for the product has been pleasantly brisk so far.

“With winter on the way, everyone is scrambling to get their homes insulated, so we are rather busy,” Doucette says. “Word-of-mouth is probably our best form of advertisement; the difference our product makes in the home is immediately noticeable and that gets a person talking to others about it.

“And not only is Walltite ECO very attractive to the efficiency and environmentally conscious consumer, its air-tight seal, resistance to moisture and mold are great selling features. The fact that it adheres to virtually any surface and acts as its own vapour barrier, makes it the only practical solution to so many problems people experience with traditional insulation in their homes.”

Doucette would be the first to admit that due to his business commitments, he hasn’t been able to give due attention to the musical side of his personality and is hoping to make amends with that in the near future.

“I have only had a chance to play about eight shows so far this year, but I’m working hard to find a better balance between work and life. I’m hoping to be able to play a couple shows a month in the New Year.”

Doucette is also hoping to get around to following up his 2006 recording debut in the next year or so as well.

“I probably have about 20 songs altogether that I consider potential tracks for the album. The album will show some folk, reggae, and blues influences; I find the diversity keeps things really interesting.

“I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made over the past few months. I can already tell that this new record is going to be very different from my first album.”

For more information about Walltite ECO Sprayfoam Insulation, visit And should you be interested in checking out Dwayne Doucette in concert, you have the chance to see him play at Cashews Lounge on Nov. 28 and on Dec. 17 at Peppers Pub.

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