One More Girl – Sister act fronts for Johnny Reid on NB tour

Let’s get things straight right off the bat: Rising Canadian country music group One More Girl is actually comprised of two girls, not one.

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But don’t be fooled by the relatively young ages of band members and siblings 19-year-old Carly McKillip and Britt McKillip, 18.

When the girls checked in with me, they were a half-hour late reaching me by phone. Could this be a sign of success getting to their heads?

Hardly. I did my best to feign anger when Carly called to check in; she immediately apologized for the tardy phone call:

“We’re driving to Regina and the cellular coverage isn’t the best.”

Okay, that sounds like a plausible excuse.

With my ‘anger’ dissipated, Carly laughed when I told her that if our line was unexpectedly disconnected, I would just make up the remainder of the interview and run that for the article on the group.

The fact she’s a good sport with this scores her many make-up points for the late phone call. Nice play, McKillip.

Even before the McKillip girls were born, they were bound to have music running through their veins. The McKillip siblings’ father is Tom, a musician and producer who has been in the business for more than 30 years backing artists like Lisa Brokop and Tom Jackson.

So it would seem natural for his offspring to become involved in music but before the girls would find their way in the music world they would take a brief detour into acting.

“Essentially, we started singing as soon as we could talk,” Carly explains. “But acting kind of fell into our laps.

“We had a babysitter who was an actress herself that got us hooked up with an agent who is still our agent today.”

Carly admits that their parents were obviously not looking to get the girls into acting at such a young age (Carly was four years old, her sister three) however their early start no doubt helped pave the way for some of their more recent acting endeavors.

Britt appeared in the critically acclaimed show Dead Like Me while Carly has most recently appeared in the CTV series Alice, I Think.

On the music side of the equation, things aren’t looking too shabby for the group, either.

They currently find themselves in the opening slot on 20 dates with fellow Canuck Johnny Reid, which will see the group travel from Alberta right through to the Maritimes.

And on top of that, the girls have an upcoming release of their debut record Big Sky on May 26 to look forward to. It’s certainly a lot for the duo to look forward to.

“Part of me wished that our record was going to be in stores for the dates with Johnny that we are doing now,” Carly said.

“But we made the decision to hold off the release date and I’m happy we did so now. It gives us the opportunity to create a little more of a buzz around the record’s release.”

The sisters have already released one single from Big Sky (I Can Love Anyone) and are getting ready to have their second single Misery Loves Company serviced to radio and to video outlets like CMT soon.

So what does the future hold for the group once the dates with Johnny Reid wrap up?

“We are hoping for a busy summer with a lot of festival dates,” said Britt. “Things seem to be getting busier for us all the time so that’s definitely a positive sign. Our schedule is filling up rather nicely.”

Don’t miss your chance to catch One More Girl when they perform as the opening act for Johnny Reid at the Moncton Coliseum on April 22 and at Saint John’s Harbour Station on April 23.

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