Olivier Jarda comes home

Sometimes all roads do lead you back home.

After having spent a few years working in the United States, Ottawa-born, Moncton-raised Olivier Jarda returned home to the Maritimes with a burst of inspiration that would eventually birth his newest record Good Luck Cartel.

Jarda’s newest record will be released on Tuesday, April 10, and in advance of the release, he will be performing a show at Plan B Lounge Friday evening.

Although Jarda now calls Halifax home, the pop singer-songwriter rose through the ranks of the Moncton music scene, having played in bands including The Turnstiles. He says that the road to the making of Good Luck Cartel was a drawn-out process but is one that he can now look back upon with confidence.

“I started working on the record in December 2010,” Jarda explains. “The making of the record ended up being somewhat drawn out though because I had found that I just wasn’t able to convey what I wanted to convey with some of these songs. I got to the point of having the album mastered and then went back and revisited and re-recorded a couple of the songs. It was a little unusual for me because I like to start and finish a project and have it kind of be a snapshot in time. The record just ended up being a very large snapshot by the time it was completed.”

Having completed his Masters degree in the U.K., Jarda says that his work in the United States as a climate policy analyst before moving back to Canada was fascinating but just a little too abstract for his tastes.

“I was working for a think tank, doing research and lobbying the government in regards to their climate policy. I learned a lot from the position but also learned that I had to be patient. Since the economic crisis in 2008, everything has been really bogged down and I eventually arrived at the point where I missed the Maritimes but also needed to work on more practical things. Coming home was a chance for me to regroup and determine what I wanted to do career-wise.”

To help him realize his vision for Good Luck Cartel, Jarda enlisted Halifax producer Charles Austin (Thom Swift, David Myles). Jarda says that this was actually the fourth time he has worked with Austin and openly shares that the reason he keeps going back to work with Austin is not only the familiarity but also the fact that he trusts Austin’s judgment when it comes to his music.

“The great thing about working with Charles is the fact that he has got a great mind and knows the exact sounds that I want to get with each of my records,” Jarda says. “Perhaps more than that though, I consider him to be a good friend and relish the opportunity to work with him.”

Article published in the April 6, 2012 edition of the Times & Transcript