Quebec metal act makes Moncton debut

On the cusp of releasing their third record, Quebec City band Never More Than Less are headed to Metro Moncton for their first show in the city on Sunday. Also playing the show will be Moncton jazz-fusion band Les Paiens and DPS, a Francophone band originally hailing from Nova Scotia.

Stylistically, Never More Than Less could easily appeal to fans of heavy metal as much as they could appeal to punk and hardcore fans. This lack of musical categorization will be on full display on the group’s next record, Never More Than Less The Album, slated for release digitally to online retailers such as iTunes on Nov. 23. Fans looking to pick up physical copies of the record will unfortunately have to wait until Jan. 25, of next year.

Asked why the group is going the route of having two separate releases, Never More Than Less lead vocalist Paul Di Giacomo says the idea actually was floated by Outside Music, the company who will be handling the distribution of their record within Canada.

“We originally wanted to have the record out to coincide with a European tour that we are doing towards the end of November and start of December, but Outside cautioned us against releasing something leading up to the holidays,” Di Giacomo says. “Typically, record labels will save some of their biggest releases of the year and then release them in the time leading up to Christmas. So to be sure that we had as much promotion as we could, they suggested releasing the record digitally next month and release the physical CD next year when the likelihood of getting promotion would be greater.”

With their new record, Di Giacomo says the band is looking forward to capitalizing on the groundwork laid by their 2008 record Relentless and expand upon it exponentially.

“There is no question that Relentless helped open some doors for us but with our new album, we decided that we really wanted to focus on writing the best songs possible,” he says. “All of the tracks on our upcoming record are very song-oriented where on our last record, the songs were far more technical and as a result of that, it is as if we forgot to focus on just writing good songs. I truly do feel that (the new record) is our best effort yet.”

Di Giacomo is eagerly anticipating his group’s Moncton concert debut and is also looking forward to the aforementioned European tour that will see them play approximately eight shows throughout France. He says the group is playing a mix of smaller shows that they will headline but are also being given the opportunity to support French band Mass Hysteria in venues that hold 1,500 to 2,000 people.

To sample the track The Ape Known As God from the upcoming Never More Than Less record, head over to

Article published in October 29, 2010 edition of the Times & Transcript