New layout! New name! Upcoming features! Exclamation points!

Howdy folks.

As you might have noticed, I have spruced up the ol’ site’s layout while also re-naming the page as well. While I love my name and my ego loved the fact I had a website named after myself,  I realized that it might not be in my page’s best interest to remain named after my name and my name alone.

So TheMusicNerd Chronicles it is. For the time being, visitors to will be re-directed to, although the latter will be promoted as my primary domain to all the movers and shakers who help the world go ’round.

I’ve got a lot of really cool features coming up in the next few weeks including interviews with Carl Newman from The New Pornographers and singer-songwriter Steve Poltz. Later this week, I will be posting an interview I recently did with Steffan Westmark from Danish band The Blue Van.

The Blue Van’s track “There Goes My Love” is currently being featured in Apple’s iPad marketing campaign – publicity most bands would die for. Well, maybe not die for, but you get my drift.

So to wrap things up, thanks for dropping by. Please continue to do so!

Take care.