Mother Mother gaining recognition on tour

Mother MotherVancouver indie-pop rockers Mother Mother are wrapping up an incredibly busy year supporting their cool sophomore record O My Heart.

Having done some touring south of the border in support of fellow Canadian Sam Roberts, Mother Mother is on the road yet again, this time in support of Matthew Good. Both artists will be stopping by Moncton’s Oxygen Club for a show on Thursday, Dec. 3.

In the past two years, Mother Mother has released two full-length albums “” their Last Gang Records debut Touch Up hit stores in 2007, while O My Heart saw release in the fall of 2008. According to vocalist-guitarist Ryan Guldemond, the group isn’t too concerned about overstaying their welcome in the public eye but admit that finding the right balance between overexposure and just plain exposure can be tricky.

“It really depends on the response you receive as a band and how people respond to your music,” Guldemond says from the band’s tour stop in Calgary. “You can really only do so much in one country or one territory; you can only go back to your well of songs for so long before the public is likely to become exhausted by your songs in which case you have to go back in to the studio.”

Guldemond admits that the band experienced fairly substantial growth between their two records and that being on the road so much definitely played a part in that growth.

“Not only did we seemingly make a lot more fans but we grew as a band. Seeing how you can only practice something for so long, being on the road helps you to hone your craft in a really practical fashion.”

The tour dates that the group has completed with Matthew Good have surpassed their expectations, with Guldemond stating that they couldn’t be more grateful to both Good and his entourage for their warmth and hospitality.

“Turn-out wise, the shows have been great. The audiences have been very responsive and we feel that we’re making tons of new fans each night we play. Even more encouraging is that we see our own pockets of fans in the crowd every night.

“There is a good chemistry between the bands backstage and between the bands and their fans in front of the stage. We couldn’t really ask for more,” he says.

After wrapping up their tour with Good, Guldemond says the group is going to be making their return to the recording studio to get yet another record under their belts.

“In my opinion, I think that we have the new record written; the bulk of the material is there so it will just be a matter of coordinating the timing with the record company. The timing that a band has to adhere to when it comes to releasing a record is very precise, otherwise you end up shooting yourselves in the foot.”

Mother Mother will be opening for Matthew Good at the Oxygen Club in Moncton on Thursday December 3. Advance tickets to the show are available via and at Read’s Newsstand, 985 Main Street, Moncton.

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