Moncton Native Releases Third Record In Three Years

Michel Aug 2013​With his newest album Open Seas, Moncton’s Michel Goguen explores the world via music.

From the U2-inspired electric guitar that edges its way into album opener “The New Road” and “Dirty Reggae” through to the dreamscapes painted by album interludes “Steel Drake” and “Underwater Organ,” Goguen has managed to deliver an instrumental record that surprises and delights at virtually every turn.

Celebrating the release of Open Seas with a free performance at the Dieppe location of Chapters this coming Thursday evening, Goguen says that the diverse musical genres found on the record stem from his upbringing.

“Music has always been a part of my life,” he begins. “My parents had a dance school so I grew up listening to many different styles of music at home. Early on, I was exposed to everything from The Gypsy Kings and Santana through Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to flamenco, tango and jive music.

“But it has always been a passion of mine to try to discover new music which has in turn opened up my ears to a whole range of artists, styles and creative approaches.”

Open Seas is Goguen’s third offering and comes at a rather prolific time in his career. He released his debut effort The Painter’s Dream in April 2013, following that up with a more specialized musical venture, producing and recording a CD of Middle-Eastern inspired belly dance music for Moncton’s Studio Sephira. That collection was released this past May.

Asked how he feels he has grown over the last two years with three releases now under his belt, Goguen says his newer music has much more in the way of percussive beats and rhythms in the music.

“I feel that the songs on Open Seas have more kick and a beat to them,” he says. “I wrote my first album with venues like spas and cafés in mind. Open Seas has some of those same qualities but also has material flavoured in both rock music as well as world music,” he says.

“I feel that Open Seas gives the listener a much better idea of where my music is headed in the future.”