Moncton musician Pete King killed in collision

Hours after he walked off stage having performed at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Prince Edward Island this past Sunday, Pete King, the bass player for Moncton country band Rik Reese and Neon Highway passed away in an unfortunate collision with a moose. King was travelling on his motorcycle on Route 11 here in New Brunswick when the accident happened.

Though I never had the good fortune of meeting King in person, my Facebook feed this past Monday was a virtual guestbook of condolences paying tribute to King’s spirit, kind nature and musicianship. Much of the music community here in Atlantic Canada is mourning King’s loss with everyone agreeing that King was taken from this earth too soon.

I have played in a band with the same bunch of guys for 20 years now. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in close quarters with those guys and though they might have driven me crazy (not quite literally though), I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Understanding the bonds that band mates form with one another, I don’t believe that I can quite fathom what Rik and his band mates are living through right now.

Moncton newspaper The Times & Transcript reported on King’s untimely passing¬†yesterday.

For the love of God people, stay safe out there this summer.

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  1. Its hard to believe Pete King has passed.I met the band in campbelton just a few days before and heard the news at work.Even though i seen the accident photos and news pappers, it feels like a bad dream.He deffently will not be forgotton by his gf,band, friends and band.He is up there smiling looking down knowing he will not change a thing about his life.RIP,well rembered…kara

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