Moncton band Cat Sass release debut record

In the 1984 rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, the fictional band played by Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest loses drummers throughout the film through a variety of circumstances including spontaneous combustion, among other ludicrous means.

And though Moncton pop-rock duo Cat Sass are no laughing matter by any stretch, band multiinstrumentalist Jeff Reardon jokes that he and his band mate Mike Wagner have experienced a somewhat similar situation with keeping guitarists in the band, watching no less than three guitarists come and go over the past decade.

Thankfully, none of the guitarists who have performed with Reardon and Wagner have spontaneously combusted. Instead, it is career-based relocations that have kept the pair as a duo rather than allowing them to expand to a trio.

Perhaps the group’s fortune of finding a new guitarist will change for the better now that they have released their self-titled debut CD.

Released last month, the album is currently available for purchase at local retailers including Frank’s Music in Moncton as well as online music outlets such as iTunes and CD Baby.

Written over the course of the past nine years, the writing and recording of the Cat Sass album has been a longtime goal for both Reardon and Wagner. Both musicians cut their teeth, as many other musicians do, playing cover songs in the early parts of their musical days, but the bug of writing original music was simply too big for them to ignore.

Reardon says that he and Wag­ner are hopeful to get in the full swing of promoting their record and their music on the various stages of Metro Moncton clubs in the near future. But first, the duo has to resolve that pesky guitarist issue.

‘Without a guitarist, we haven’t really been able to play live as much as we would like,’ Reardon says. ‘That being said, both Mike and I performed the guitar tracks heard on the record, and I’m confident that we could tweak the songs to suit an acoustic duo relatively easily. We are definitely hoping to start getting in front of audiences here locally soon.’ When discussion turns to the ideal person that he and Wagner would like to fill the boots of Cat Sass guitarist, Jeff says that find­ing a guitarist with the right chemistry and attitude are the most important things in their books.

‘Having the right chemistry with both Mike and I is very important. But we also want someone who is level headed and whose ego can fit into the jam room,’ Reardon laughs. ‘The person’s ability to play guitar is almost secondary. We are far more interested in having a well-rounded individual in the band than anything else.’ To say that Cat Sass’s expectations are modest would be an understatement.

Though he says that neither he nor Wagner would be likely to decline the opportunity to spread the Cat Sass word on a much wider scale, for the time being, they are happy to continue to plug away and refine themselves in this little corner of the world.

‘I think that both Mike and I would love to take the band as far as we could go,’ Reardon says. ‘We definitely want to get out to play some live shows but I have found that the desire to play live and the desire to write new music tends to be very cyclical. I find that when I am writing music, I want to be on stage and when we are on stage, I want to get back to creating new music.’ For more information on the debut CD from Cat Sass, visit their official website at

Article published in May 25, 2012 edition of the Times & Transcript