MNB goes on the hunt for members

Music New Brunswick (MNB) is undertaking its first ever membership drive during the month of December.

On Thursday, Dec. 10, the organization will be presenting a night of local music with the goal of educating New Brunswick-based musicians about the role that the organization plays and the benefits associated with being MNB members.

In May 2009, Jean Surette became the Executive Director of the organization and has worked at developing an ongoing educational component that offers musicians the chance to learn about topics related to the music industry. They have also lent a hand to artists who showcased at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards, as well as other key industry gatherings, such as Contact East and Francofête.

Music New Brunswick is a non-profit association that works to foster and support the New Brunswick music industry and relies on the support of its membership to run these programs and events.

“We are rebuilding our association and our membership and want to get all who work in the music industry in New Brunswick involved!” says Surette.

In 2007, MNB membership peaked at approximately 450 members. However, of those, only approximately 150 remain today. Staffing changes and downsizing within the MNB organization lead to the decrease in numbers, although now that all has been stabilized on the organizational side, Surette is anxious to see those numbers boosted. “While we are planning to reach out to former members to renew their membership, getting new members is of equal importance to us,” he says. “Our target is to have 300 members signed up by May 2010.”

In addition to educational support, MNB members can benefit from showcasing opportunities and representation on a regional, provincial and national level. Surette also mentions that a number of further benefits are in the works that he feels will be of great benefit to members in the future and contribute to the music industry as a whole in the province.

“But we need support from our members and partners to be able to effectively move forward. The last two years have been tough for MNB and although things are getting better, we’re not quite out of the woods yet.”

Music New Brunswick will be offering its members and the general public an evening of music and entertainment on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 at the Manhattan Bar & Grill located at 125 Westmorland Street, Moncton. The event costs $8.

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