Michala Todd stays true to herself with debut effort

There is much fire to be found in the belly of the youth. If you need proof of this, look no further than 18 year old Michala Todd. Her debut EP Millions of Pieces could be called any variation of dance music but it is pop music that drives what she does. At a time in history when pop stars are broken as quickly as they are made, listening to Todd reveals her career could have some longevity to it.

At age seven, she began singing jazz, blues, country before ultimately finding her niche in pop music. Written and recorded in Nashville, Millions of Pieces reveals the world through her optimistic perspective and proves to be a breath of fresh air in a largely pessimistic world.

The MusicNerd Chronicles recently had the chance to chat with Michala about the release of her EP and the growing up she has done since high school.

Is it safe to assume that you didn’t grow up as a stereotypical “angry” teen?

Todd: Growing up, I had good friends and never got caught up with the wrong crowd. Believe it or not, I was the shy person in my family – I had difficulty speaking in front of people let alone singing. My parents suggested enrolling me in singing lessons to help ease my discomfort with speaking in front of people and I ended up loving it and kept at it.

Do you believe television shows like Glee are helping break down some barriers that might have prevented people from trying to sing or be a part of a school-related band?

Todd: I think the show has definitely helped in some respect in that they are showing people that even if you are not a jock or a very popular person at school, you can still be successful at what you do. Sadly, I don’t think it will completely change people’s views of kids being in the choir versus being on a football team. There is still a lot of bullying going on in the school system.

Do you believe that pop music today has been steered off course in the respect that it is relying more on outlandish outfits and shock tactics to engage their audience?

Todd: There are so many artists out there that have a pop music style who seem to rely on showing skin or whatever in attempt to set themselves apart from the pack. I am not terribly concerned about that; I would never change who I am or what I believe in to conform to what others think I should be. I will always stay true to myself.