Melanie Morgan stays alive in Cover Me Canada competition

Two bands have been sent home and only six remain to battle it out for supremacy on the CBC television program Cover Me Canada. Among the six finalists is Melanie Morgan who calls the Moncton area her home. The Cover Me Canada competition is unique in the sense that it relies heavily upon social networking to keep contestants in the competition. Fans can vote for their favorite acts via outlets like Facebook and Twitter but can also help out by watching their videos on You Tube. Every week, the band with the most social network activity gets immunity from exiting the competition for that week.

Melanie and her band of merry men (many of whom I also call friends) would certainly appreciate your help to keep them in the competition. At stake is a cool $100,000 cash prize as well as the opportunity to have a single released by Universal Music Canada.

Here is how you can help Melanie make it all the way to the finals of Cover Me Canada:

If you’re on Twitter, follow her Cover Me Canada handle @CMC_Melanie while on Facebook, go ahead and “like” her page here. Also, be sure to visit the CBC Cover Me Canada website and view Melanie’s performance each week. By doing this, you will help Melanie ensure that she stays alive in the competition. Full details on participation for Cover Me Canada can be found here.

Cover Me Canada airs on CBC television on Sunday nights. Although Morgan did not win immunity two weeks in a row, she is still very much alive in the competition!

This past Friday, I had the chance to catch up with Melanie and get her thoughts on the competition so far:

How did it feel to have been the first band to win immunity on the competition?  

Morgan: It is just so great to know that people from all across Canada are supporting us. If anything, it gave us a lot of faith. We could relax a little more and watch the other acts go under the knife, so to speak. It was great to have gotten immunity but it is nothing that I feel we want to rely upon each week.

How did you find out about the competition? Did you have any reservations about having entered?

Morgan: I actually didn’t know a whole lot about the contest. I knew it was a competition seeking singers from across Canada so I had gone online to check it out and ended up applying for fun.  A couple of weeks after the deadline passed, I got a call from CBC asking about my band and whether or not we would be in a position to come to Toronto to compete. Funny enough, it was around that time I had started thinking the contest might not be for me. Both myself and the guys in my band have our own stuff going on and have lives of our own so I wasn’t quite sure whether or not we would be able to swing it.

Do you have any reservations about participating in a program such as this and the effects it could have on your career? 

Morgan: I think that any television exposure is good for someone who is trying to break into the music business. It is hard to get out there and have the right people see you at the right time. I have never had a huge break in the past but even if we get sent home next week, I can easily say that it has been one of the most creative experiences that I have had the chance to be a part of. Each of us has already grown so much from the experience.  All in all, it has been an amazing time considering I had been on the fence about even entering the contest (laughs).