Meaghan Smith: Making the old sound new

Halifax musician Meaghan Smith might not have a whole lot of shows currently on her schedule but don’t assume that the musician is resting on her laurels now that her debut record “The Cricket’s Orchestra” is now in stores.

…If anything, now the real work begins.

Inspired by the simplicity of music created in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, Smith made her excellent new record on her own dime with producer Les Cooper. And though she wanted her music to maintain the early 20th century feel, Smith complimented this sound with modern conveniences such a string section, an eight-piece horn section as well as a Mellotron.

Shortly after having her song “5 More Minutes” placed in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, Smith signed a major label record deal with Sire Records out of the United States. With many artists choosing to release music independently these days, Smith didn’t take her decision to sign with a major label lightly but feels confident in her decision.

“Sire work with artists that are a little left of centre and are willing to take a bit of time to help nurture them and allow them to develop,” she says. “That really appealed to me.”

And though her record has only been in stores for a little under a month, Smith has kept busy over the past two years touring her music on both sides of the 49th Parallel.

Canadian tours with kd Lang and Chantal Kreviazuk have undoubtedly helped increase Smith’s exposure in Canada but she has also spent many of her days touring throughout the US.

“I’m lucky that I have gained acceptance in both Canada and the US. The States are such a huge market though. They have ten times the people we do in Canada but I also like to think that means there are ten times the opportunities to be had as well.

“Realistically though, I’m well aware it will take a bit of time to really spread word throughout the US.”

As Smith continues to promote her record with two new videos and dates on the upcoming Lillith Fair tour this summer, she already has her sights set on making a new record:

“I’m obviously very proud of The Cricket’s Orchestra but am very excited to move on,” she admits. “My first record was done with limited connections and resources but now that I am aligned with Sire, I will be able to reach people that I didn’t necessarily have access to before.

“And more importantly, I don’t have to spend the next four years of my life saving up money so that I can make a new record.”

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