Meaghan Smith is living the dream

Halifax musician Meaghan Smith is living a dream.

While many musicians can only dream of being able to carve a living out of making music, the past few years have been kind to her and helped enable her to do pursue this as a full-time option.

MSAC.jpgShe has also spent a fair amount of time touring and will be performing at the Moncton Coliseum as the opening act for KD Lang on Friday, April 17. 

Smith’s most recent release is The Cricket’s Quartet, a four-song EP/DVD combination package that hit store shelves on April 7 a few months after its online release.

The EP is merely a tease of greater things to come from Smith.

Reaching back to the 1930s and ’40s era of music, Smith’s voice is truly captivating whether singing ballads such as Drifted Apart and I Know or tackling the big band sound on If You Asked Me.

Smith explained the reason behind the formerly online-exclusive release:

“Ultimately, I wanted to have something to sell and to tour behind. I’m relatively unknown and I wanted to have a good way to introduce myself to people.

“I’m also an animator and wanted the DVD included for the visual aspect and interpretation of my songs. By releasing the video and music package together, I thought it would help give fans a little more insight into who I am.”

Shortly after having her song 5 More Minutes placed in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, Smith signed a major label record deal with Sire Records out of the United States.

With many artists choosing to go the “indie” route these days, Smith didn’t take her decision to sign with a major label lightly, stating:

“I had considered going out on my own but when I started hearing from labels and what they could do for me, I had to consider it as an option.

Signing with a major label isn’t for everybody but for the amount of people I want to reach, I want to be established and can’t really do that on my own,” Smith says.

“I need a label that can invest money and time in me but that also have people that can work my record and help me make my career and what I want it to be.

“There is no question that Sire has contacts that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Record labels are slowly changing with the times and I think now more than ever, labels are realizing that artists are an investment and are being really careful with who they sign and are looking for longevity out of the artists they are signing.”

Given her fantastic music, business smarts, level head and dynamic personality, Smith should have no trouble finding staying power amongst the masses.

Meaghan Smith will be the opening act for KD Lang at her stop at the Moncton Coliseum on Friday April 17. Information on the show can be obtained by calling the Coliseum at (506) 857-4100; online at Tickets may be purchased online at

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