Kuato Bring New Record To Moncton’s Esquire Tavern


It is probably no coincidence that the first full-length effort from Halifax post-rock quintet Kuato is dubbed The Great Upheaval. A seven-song record that recalls Do Make Say Think among others, the album’s title serves as a reference to the Acadian expulsion of the 1700’s.

Accordingly however, Kuato treat their listeners to emotive songs that, although instrumental, manage to still speak powerful testaments.

Performing at Moncton’s Esquire Tavern tonight, Kuato’s Josh Pothier says the group’s decision to undertake a full-length album after having released a series of digital EP’s seemed like a logical next step in their evolution.

“We never had anything in the way of expectations for the band; we have played every terrible show that you can imagine. “We were able to turn our EP’s around relatively easily but more importantly, we put them online for free just because we wanted people to hear the music and come see the band live,” Josh says.

“The EP’s really afforded us the opportunity to flesh out what we really wanted to sound like. We never wanted to get ahead of ourselves, especially playing the kind of music we make. But because we had recorded and released our EP’s so in such quick fashion, we simply knew it was the right time to pursue a full-length effort.”

Recorded at The Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, Nova Scotia, Josh says the ambience and location of the studio played a big part in the end result:

“I’m from the South Shore of Nova Scotia and am very comfortable with the area and the climate. The studio was perfect as it was a big, open space where we could let the songs breathe and come to life.”

What: Kuato with Zaum and Bong Jovi
When: Friday Aug. 15, 9:00 p.m.
Where: Esquire Tavern, 2 Reade St., Moncton