Jordan Musycsyn Emerges From The Basement


If it wasn’t for having his first show booked for him without his knowledge, the world might not have ever heard the voice and music of Sydney, Nova Scotia’s Jordan Musycsyn. A notoriously shy individual that would have been just as happy to stay in his basement and play his guitar, Jordan is celebrating the release of his debut record, The Pitch.

Performing at Plan b Lounge on Thursday evening, Jordan says that it was a general lack of confidence in himself and his songs which had kept him from trying to take his career further.

“I was always really shy but I was actually devastatingly stage-shy,” Jordan says. “I was always the guy to play guitar, I was never one to sing until a buddy coaxed a song out of me one night.”

Asked by that same friend if he had ever played a show, Jordan was engulfed by visions of being on stage and fainting or throwing up from the sheer terror. So you can imagine his surprise when his friend called him one day to let him know that he had a show coming up that weekend.

“I was angry but I was also happy and a little bit relieved because I probably wouldn’t have ever taken that step for myself. It just seemed like a world that I didn’t have a right to be a part of. Playing in the basement was good enough for me. I didn’t care to know what anybody thought of my playing or my singing. But once I got that first performance behind me, it made subsequent shows that much easier.”

Drawing inspiration from folk-rock greats like Neil Young along with a dash of the light-heartedness that John Prine brings to his music, The Pitch isn’t shy about laying on some humour in certain parts of the record, including songs such as “GST,” and “Winein’”.

Jordan skillfully balances out those comical moments with more serious fare that include his observations on the human condition, love and loss.

“I think one of the worst things you could do as an artist is to take yourself too seriously. I think The Pitch has enough in the way of quirky, light-hearted songs alongside those that are more serious that it finds a good balance,” Jordan says.

“In my opinion, the best songwriters are the guys who know the exact amount of imagery to use in their songs,” he says. “Artists like John Prine have a way of telling stories via their songs where they are able to keep the song interesting while allowing the listener to draw their own conclusions.”

What: Jordan Musycsyn with The Divorcees and East Coast Love Story
When: Thursday Dec. 4, 9:00 p.m.
Where: Plan b Lounge, 212 St. George St., Moncton