Jonah Hache Celebrates Release Of Fourth Solo Effort

Photo taken by Luke Perrin2

Moncton musician Jonah Hache is redefining the meaning of the term “one-man band”. It is not an ego thing for the musician, however. After all, Jonah has been a vital part of the Moncton music scene over the last decade: He helped launch the successful Messtival Arts & Music Festival and played an integral part of getting the TBA Collective up and running while also making music as a part of metal-funk group Something Delicious as well as jazz-fusion band Les Paiens.

In addition to those ventures however, Jonah Hache makes electronic music all his own, hence the one-man band designation. He celebrates the release of Moderate Autopilot, his fourth CD with a show at Moncton’s Plan b Lounge tomorrow evening. The show is one of three public shows that the musician is performing in the province as a part of the Art>Dance>Party tour.

“I find the joy of collaborating with others and having that kind of energy to bounce off others to be a great thing,” Jonah says. “The great thing about being part of the Art>Dance>Party tour is having the opportunity to collaborate with others but still performing my material in the mix of it as well.”

Asked if those outside interests directly or indirectly influence his work, Jonah says that some bleed-over is inevitable but welcomes those influences finding their way into his work.

“Those outside projects like Les Paiens, Art>Dance>Party and my VJ projection installations influence me greatly in musical, creative and personal ways. The different projects motivate my interest in all kinds of new music, which in turn leads to new ideas for my own work.”

Moderate Autopilot was birthed at home during Moncton’s seemingly never-ending winter. Jonah leveraged the copious amounts of snow to his advantage, experimenting with real-life sounds from the daily world while also working with previously recorded synth manipulations that had been tracked live off the floor.

Jonah says that creating music in an improvisational manner as opposed to the more “traditional” route of songwriting tends to open up a realm of musical possibilities both in the studio and on stage.

“I never play a song the same way twice,which is something that I have adopted from performing with Les Paiens. I have discovered that allowing the song to take whatever direction it is going in during that specific performance is a big part of the beauty of the live show.”

What: Jonah Hache CD Release for Moderate Autopilot
When: Saturday Apr. 19, 6:00 p.m.
Where: Plan b Lounge, 212 St. George St., Moncton

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