Joe Jackson – At The BBC (Universal Music Canada)


The 32 tracks on the two discs in this collection were recorded at four different sessions done by Jackson and his band between 1979 and 1983. The majority of the tracks are so meticulously true to their original versions that it is tough to even tell they are live.

The 1979 session, featuring highlights like the driving ‘One More Time’ and ‘Got The Time’ features Jackson and his band at the top of their new wave game. Among the highlights from The Hammersmith Odeon in 1982 are ‘Look Sharp,’ the ballad ‘Breaking Us In Two’ and a sprightly ‘Steppin’ Out.’ The group feeds off the crowd’s energy at their 1980 show at the Hatfield Polytechnic, evident in songs like ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him,’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Be Like That.’ The 1983 show that ends Disc Two shows Jackson and his band had then refined the art of the live show, opting for more deliberate performances on songs like ‘Another World,’ ‘Sunday Papers’ and ‘A Slow Song.’

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