Jill Barber – Mischievous Moon (Outside Music)

Though she has garnered a solid reputation for herself in Canada, Jill Barber is nowhere as popular as she truly deserves to be. With Mischievous Moon, her fourth full-length effort, Barber capably brings the listener back in time, transporting you into a world of simpler times, flushing out her songs with strings, horns and of course, her sultry voice. Took Me By Surprise and Any Fool Can Fall In Love sound as though they are taken from the amazing Burt Bacharach catalogue of music while the apologetic Tell Me (and its French counterpart Dis-Moi), the playful A Wish Under My Pillow and Lullaby also rank as album highlights. If Jill doesn’t strike it big with this album, it will definitely be the world’s loss, not hers.