Jennifer LFO is coming home

Pop musician and former New Brunswick resident Jennifer LFO is returning to her birth
JenniferLFO_logo300.jpgprovince for a show in Saint John at the Blue Olive on August 1. She is promoting the recently released Songs From The Alien Beacon album, made with the assistance of famed Canadian producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda in his Toronto studio.

Jennifer LFO was born in Saint John and relocated to Hampton where she spent her days on her parent’s hobby farm. She remained in New Brunswick until she completed high school then spent a year in Quebec City before relocating to Toronto.

“I was always involved in music and drama and didn’t really understand that these things could still be pursued by staying in New Brunswick,” she says.

“Once I moved to Toronto, I started joining bands and pursuing acting. And at this point, I am still able to do a lot of acting and voice-over work to support my music. I’m hoping the tide will turn a little bit to allow music to be the dominant force in my life”.

Songs From The Alien Beacon, her third record, was recorded in Wojewoda’s studio over a three to four month period, an eternity to most musicians. But the extended recording sessions were born out of necessity as well as an experimental vibe which she and Wojewoda explored during the course of making the record.

“Making the record was woven into the patterns of what was happening around us. I got into studio when the chance presented itself,” Jennifer notes.

“Michael and I would take a chunk of time and work on my record. Then Michael would go work on someone else’s record. Some might consider the process to be disjointed but I loved it as it gave me time to look back on what I had done and then come back and tweak things further.

“It really helped me to gain a different perspective and allowed both Michael and I to contemplate what we were doing. It took a little longer then most records should take to make but I feel as though it paid off,” she says.

According to the artist, the extra time spent making the record gave her the opportunity to add a full pallet of instruments, resulting in a very specific sounding record.

Having a studio and various musical instruments at your disposal could be both a blessing and a curse as the recording process could have theoretically gone on forever. “I’ll be the first to admit that making this record was very experimental. Michael encouraged me to be open to different ideas and not worry about any preconceived notions about what the final product would be,” Jennifer says. “There was always the temptation to keep going with recording and constantly adding more things into the mix but I also wanted to finish the record and get it out there. I got tired of telling people about the great record I was making without a finished product.”

Jennifer LFO’s upcoming show in Saint John will actually mark her first performance in the province, something that she is really looking forward to.

“I’ve never actually played anywhere in the Maritimes with my band. I am very excited to be bringing them out!”

Jennifer LFO’s new record Songs From The Alien Beacon is currently available for sale via her website as well as via iTunes.

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