Jaclyn Reinhart Embraces Harder Edged Influences With Second Album

When Fredericton’s Jaclyn Reinhart set out to make Adventures, her second release from May 2016, she made a decision to branch out from the contemporary sounds that adorned her 2011 debut.

“I will forever see myself as a 90’s kid,” Reinhart declares, speaking in advance of her free show in Downtown Moncton today at Noon.

In the early part of that decade, sounds emanating from the Pacific Northwest of the United States dominated the airwaves, making unlikely stars out of acts like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and more.

“That was a time in my life where I really fell in love with rock music. Those influences have stayed with me all these years, so when it came to making Adventures, I wanted the record to showcase those heavier influences. It was something I feel I needed to get out of me,” she says.

Although her latest album isn’t necessarily as hard-edged as any of the above-mentioned acts, Reinhart certainly isn’t alone wearing the influence of the early 90’s on her sleeve. Asked why she feels that particular era of music has remained so resilient and so influential upon bands today, she believes it has much to do with the genuine nature of what the groups brought to the table.

“I feel a lot of popular songs today are just too safe and too calculated for their own good.

I feel a big reason so many of those groups from the early 90’s remain popular today is that there was nothing fabricated about them. They weren’t worried about trying to be trendy or trying to score a hit. They were completely authentic with the art they were making.”

Reinhart’s musical path got its start like many others before her: in church. Around the age of 19, she taught herself to play the guitar after a friend showed her a couple of basic chords on the instrument.

Not long after, she began writing songs.

“Once I learned how to play the guitar, I figured I was just as well off to write my own material, as opposed to singing someone else’s songs,” she says.

As a Music New Brunswick award nominee, Reinhart has been steadily building a following throughout the province and beyond, having shared the stage with the likes of I Mother Earth, and Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett, among others.

One of the biggest accomplishments of her career to date was having received an invitation to participate in the SOCAN Song House at this past spring’s East Coast Music Awards in Saint John, a two-day songwriting workshop lead by Brad Roberts of Canadian band Crash Test Dummies.

“I learned so much over the course of those two days,” Reinhart says. “What stood out to me the most about working with Brad is his emphasizing the importance of changing things up if you feel you’re stuck in a groove that you can’t get out of. It’s something that I feel comes out of his songs, as well. He writes from a personal space, which is what I love most about his songs and the way he approaches the songwriting process.”

While Reinhart is happy and confident about the career advances that her latest album brought her, she believes there is much more territory for her to cover yet. Where Adventures brought her into a new-to-her realm of music, she expects nothing less from her future projects as well.

“I don’t feel restricted or confined to playing just one style of music. I think it’s essential to change things up as you see fit and apply what you learn along the way to see what works best for you. I’m fortunate enough to have people paying attention to what I do, I want to be sure I am serving them as best as I can.”

What: Jaclyn Reinhart
When: Friday Aug. 11, Noon
Where: Oak Lane, Downtown Moncton