In-Flight Safety frontman returns home to Moncton

Since the January 2009 release of their latest record “We Are An Empire, My Dear”, Halifax band In-Flight Safety has been continuing promotional efforts behind the record and will be performing their first show in Moncton in more than five months later this week. 

In Flight Safety’s upcoming Hub City performance on Friday July 23 is as a part of the IAAF Mosaiq Concert Series and will feature the group performing alongside long-standing Acadian favorite George Belliveau as well as HAJAMadagascar & The Groovy People. The show will be taking place at the Atlantic Lottery Mainstage which will be located on Main Street in front of City Hall. Access to the concert site is free. 

Having the opportunity to play the show in conjunction with the IAAF is something that band front-man John Mullane says that he and his band mates are very much looking forward to: 

“Getting the chance to playing at a world-class event such as the IAAF is always an honour,” the Moncton-born Mullane says. “It’s going to be great to meet athletes from all over the world and potentially make new fans from countries abroad. You are always treated so well at professional sporting events. We love the thrill of playing such an exciting event and of course, it’s a thrill for me to be back home in Moncton for the show.” 

The past two years have been more than kind to the band but not without a lot of work happening behind the scenes. As a result of the seemingly never-ending promotional train they are riding, the group has seen their music pop up in some rather deservedly high profile places. 

Most recently, the group had their track “Model Homes” used in the Season Three premiere of the NBC television show Chuck, had two other songs featured in the tween hit TV show The Vampire Diaries while their 2006 single “Surround” was used in the trailer for the Nicholas Sparks film “Dear John”. Tack on a couple of East Coast Music Award wins from this past February (one for Group Of The Year, the other for Alternative Album Of The Year) and you’ve got an accomplished yet grounded (pardon the pun) bunch of guys. 

After one listen to their latest record, it is rather easy to see why so many are latching on to the group’s songs: the dozen tracks assembled on their newest record lean on beautiful, infectious guitar melodies and incorporate some nice touches of piano to help fill out their sound. 

But with “We Are An Empire, My Dear” now more than 18 months old, fans awaiting new music from the quartet may have to wait a little longer before they are able to treat their ears to new In-Flight Safety songs. Rest assured that things are slowly but surely coming together, however. 

“We are definitely writing a lot towards a new record in a rehearsal room that is about 30 degrees celsius on a cold day,” Mullane jokes.  “The next album is not quite an album yet though. We are still writing with the hopes of being able to record an album very soon. 

Should fans anticipate more of the same melodic guitar-rock from the group or should we be concerned about them throwing fans off by radically changing their sound? Although he doesn’t go into specifics on what fans can expect from their new material, Mullane does share: 

“The material is starting to take a very interesting shape sonically, but we’re not quite sure what type of record it is going be yet.”

Article published in July 20, 2010 edition of the Times & Transcript