ICTC hits stage tonight

Although Moncton rock band I Capture The Castle never technically said “We’re done” and forever left the band behind, the four-piece play shows in the Metro area with such infrequency that it wouldn’t be outrageous to consider the group disbanded. Originally formed as an acoustic duo comprised of Joe Doucet and Nathan Jones in March of 2004, the group went on to add Geoff Moss on drums and Chris Wilson on bass guitar once Doucet and Jones exchanged their acoustic guitars for electric ones.

I Capture The Castle are set to lay down the rock at the Paramount Lounge tonight alongside guest bands The Swiftkicks, SpeakerScam and Static In Action. The festivities get under way at 10 p.m.

Asked how they knew the timing was right for another ICTC show, Jones defers credit to those bands that will be performing with them tonight.

“The show already had a really fun lineup full of bands and people we like, so it seemed like it would be a fun night to be a part of,” he says. “I think that we are past the point of playing shows for anything other than fun and seeing old friends.

“We had promised ourselves we would keep playing if people asked us to play a show,” Doucet continues. “So essentially, we sit around and wait and wait and wait until somebody calls or e-mails us about playing a gig,” he jokes.

Even though I Capture The Castle perform irregularly at best, the quartet that makes up the band has each moved onto other musical ventures including Something Delicious, The Motorleague and The Slack. Yet the chemistry that initially bonded the band’s four members together remains intact today, as friends and musicians.

“We haven’t all knowingly been in the same room together in more than 18 months,” Doucet says. “But it is definitely an interesting and awesome dynamic that we have in the band; we four are what feels right when it comes to I Capture The Castle.”

With one full-length record to their credit (2005’s Plastic Dreams and Drama Queens), no one in the band has ruled out the possibility of making new music together in the future.

Jones admits the likelihood of new music flowing from the band is slim, however.

“My writing was sporadic at best,” he claims.

“And now, most if not all of that writing is focused upon The Motorleague. But I don’t think that we ever technically said the band was over. Other things just started to come up and made getting together a little more difficult, which eventually turned into not playing at all. It is hard enough to find the time to practice with one band let alone adding a second one into the mix.

“Playing more shows is always a possibility, but only if the show is right for us.”

Article published in January 28, 2011 edition of the Times & Transcript