Hugh Dillon – Works Well With Others (Warner Music Canada)


Hugh Dillon has pulled through numerous obstacles in his life and is now finding a respectable following for his acting work on TV shows such as Durham County and Flashpoint.

With any fortune, some of those fans will soon realize that Dillon is a damn fine singer and songwriter as well, as heard on Works Well With Others.

This is Dillon’s first release in four years and you can immediately hear that he refuses to be relegated to one style of music.

But regardless of what he tackles, he makes it work. Starting with the punchy first single, Friends Of Mine, Dillon recalls his past while ably moving forward. Fans of The Headstones will thoroughly enjoy Reel To Reel and Ten Feet Tall, while Dillon opts for a more relaxed vibe on Lucky and Lost At Sea.

Vocally, Dillon sounds as strong as ever through each of these 14 tracks.

An observant listener will realize that Dillon is making music for himself first and foremost; we’re just along for the ride. And what a ride it is.

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