Hayes Carll – KMAG YOYO (Universal Music Canada)

In a world of pre-manufactured pop and country stars, Hayes Carll stands out like a sore thumb; this is a good thing though. Like a young Steve Earle, Carll sounds like he actually gives a shit about the music he’s making yet doesn’t take himself so seriously that he has no sense of humour, as heard on Another Like You and Hard Out Here. The sincerity found in tracks like Chances Are and Bye Bye Baby keeps this honky-tonker honest and for that, we salute you Mr. Carll.

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  1. And this CD was produced by Nashville power pop/rocker, Brad Jones, which adds some punch to the country side of things. I was disappointed with Carll’s last album but he redeems himself here. “Bye Bye Baby” is a favourite.

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