Hawksley is a hard-working man

hawksleyProlific Canadian singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman is en route to New Brunswick for a trio of shows in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton next week. Joining him will be Halifax’s Jenn Grant for what is certain to be an evening of phenomenal Canadian talent and music.

Workman has been a busy bee as of late. Currently, he is producing Canadian roots troubadour Justin Rutledge’s new record but has somehow found the time to make two new records for himself.

These two albums to be released in 2010, will be following up the two records he released in 2008 “” the introspective Between The Beautifuls and the more raucous (in comparison) Los Manlicious.

“Circumstances allowed me to make two records at once this time around,” Workman explains en route to the studio to work with Rutledge.

“One of these new records arose from the ashes of a rough period I had undergone. Instead of being self-destructive, I decided to make a record.

“The other record I made is a very eclectic sounding album. It reminds me of some of my earlier material.”

Finding work to keep Workman occupied doesn’t seem to be much of an issue these days.

In addition to producing Rutledge’s album, he was also the man behind the mixing board for Great Big Sea’s newest record Fortune’s Favor as well as latest record from the critically acclaimed Hey Rosetta!

According to Workman, his dual abilities as of musician and producer have been co-existing rather peacefully. He is a busy bee but he doesn’t mind in the least.

“I just don’t take days off,” he says. “It hasn’t been a matter of me choosing production work and songwriting with others over making music. I really like to feel as though I have a day job and staying busy in these different respects is the best way to remain creative.”

Also helping stoke Workman’s creative flame is city life in Toronto. While he has a home in Burk’s Falls, Ontario (a community northeast of Barrie, Ontario), he has found his creative powers are at their peak when he is thrust into the bustling pace of a city such as Toronto.

“As relaxing as my home is in the country, I don’t find it conducive to songwriting at all,” he laughs. “I am a bit of a loner so when I’m at home, all I tend to do is drink wine and listen to the CBC.

“I decided that I needed to work again so I came back to the city. Life in the country is inspiring on a lot of levels, but I don’t feel the pressure that I do when I’m in the city so I end up accomplishing a whole lot more when I’m not home.”

Hawksley Workman with special guest Jenn Grant will be performing at The Playhouse in Fredericton on Thursday September 24.

Workman will also be playing in Saint John on Friday September 25 at The Blue Olive and in Moncton on Saturday September 26 at St. John’s United Church on Alma Street.

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