FM Berlin Celebrate Release Of New Album Tonight

After no less than two false starts over the course of the last few years, Moncton rock band FM Berlin is finally celebrating the release of their debut effort, At Least You’re Having Fun, with a show at the Tide & Boar Gastropub tonight.

“This album was completed almost four years ago,” FM Berlin vocalist Corey Hachey explains, “but we scrapped it and started over because we felt that the quality of the songs were not where we needed them to be.”

In 2016, FM Berlin connected with Moncton native John Mullane of In-Flight Safety. After working together on a half-dozen songs, including having recorded and mixed them, the band still wasn’t happy with what they were hearing.

“We had the chance to record at the community college in Dartmouth, where they have a few high-end studios, but when it was all said and done again, we still weren’t happy with what we were hearing. Working with John was a huge eye opener for the group, as he taught us a lot about how to craft songs and create moments within them. We just weren’t fully ready at the time, which was no one’s fault but ours, but the songs still weren’t coming across like they should have been at that point.”

To avoid wasting further resources, Hachey says the group decided to construct a studio at his house, which afforded the group the opportunity to work on and refine their material until they felt they had arrived at a place they were happy with what was coming from their speakers.

“We ended up remotely working with two producers, Josh Bowman and Jason Dufour. We would send them demos of our songs, and they would send back their production notes and suggestions for how we could make the songs better. It was a year-long process, and kind of intense at times, but we finally arrived at the point where we had a finished product that we felt good about.”

Listening to At Least You’re Having Fun, it is evident that the third time was the charm for the band. The nine songs featured on the album draw influence from the likes of The Killers and The Police, and capably hold the listener’s attention from beginning to end.

In many ways, the release of the album marks a significant turning point for the band, one that dates further back than 2015.

Under the group’s former name of 60 LPs, Hachey and his bandmates made waves throughout the Atlantic region, issuing an EP in 2014, In The Interest of National Security, that earned the group a Music New Brunswick award.

It was while participating in a mentorship program at the 2015 edition of the East Coast Music Awards that the group decided to adopt of the FM Berlin moniker.

“We wanted [a name] that was more personal and more connected to us,” Hachey says. “I remembered {FM Berlin bassist] Glen [Farquhar] telling me about his father’s trip the East Berlin in 1960 and how he brought a camera across the border checkpoint, which was actually prohibited. The Soviets were promoting [East Germany] as a communist paradise, but it was nothing of the sort, as there were still many bombed-out buildings from the Second World War located throughout the city. That is where the band name came from: FM Berlin or a Free Man in Berlin.”

What: FM Berlin with guests Eastcoast Love Story
When: Friday July 21, 10 p.m.
Where: Tide & Boar Gastropub, 700 Main St., Moncton
Tickets are $8, available at the door.