Evolve Festival’s Can’t Miss Acts

BROS will perform at this year’s Evolve Festival

More than 100 acts are set to descend upon Southeastern New Brunswick this week as the 18th edition of the acclaimed Evolve Festival prepares for launch. From its beginnings as a grassroots gathering to becoming one of the most highly anticipated festivals in the country, Evolve has long prided itself on having a little something for everyone. This year is no exception.

Evolve 2017 performers include the Sam Roberts Band, Arrested Development, Xavier Rudd, Coleman Hell, Black Tiger Sex Machine, REZZ, Too Many Zooz, Bros, DJ Shub, Radio Radio, Zeke Beats, Rich Aucoin, Like A Motorcycle, Defunk, Worthy, Slowcoaster, Dub Kartel, Ghettosocks, Moontricks, Chuurch, Les Paiens, and more.

This year, the festival is doubling the amount of paramedics on site, increasing the amount of free water points, and constructing fencing on the grounds equipped with new signage and infographics designed to guide festivalgoers.

Since moving from its former home in Antigonish, N.S. to their new location approximately 30 minutes north of Moncton, more than $500,000 has been invested into site infrastructure, including upgrades to the camping section, on-site showers, security and additional lighting.

“With our biggest lineup to date, we are preparing to welcome more people than ever this year,” says Jonas Colter, Evolve Festival’s Executive Director. “We have been working diligently with professionals to both improve the grounds, which we consider to be the very best New Brunswick has to offer, and our internal processes to ensure a safe and seamless experience for our attendees.”

While it would be arguably impossible to run features on every one of the acts slated to perform at Evolve this year, here is a list of acts aside from the headliners that we feel would be worth your while:

B1TS (Moncton, N.B.)

When: Sunday July 16, Palace Yurt

As if Moncton’s Jonah Hache isn’t already busy enough between his work with Les Paiens and Stephen Lewis & The Big Band Of Fun, the talented and restlessly creative musician capably carves out his own niche with help from looping pedals and a live drummer.

BROS (Toronto, Ont.)

When: Friday July 14, Sunflower Stage

Ewan and Shamus Currie are already known as members of Canadian rock band The Sheepdogs, but with BROS, the siblings leave classic rock in the rearview mirror, choosing to invoke funk and power pop, among other sounds, with the project.

Coleman Hell (Thunder Bay, Ont.)

When: Saturday July 15, Sunflower Stage

Between his singles “2 Heads,” “Fireproof,” and “Hurry Up,” Coleman Hell has wracked up more than 118 million plays on Spotify, which, given the notoriously low payout rates offered to musicians from streaming services, is probably equivalent to $8.29. All joking aside, there is absolutely no contesting Hell’s star-power. Catch him in the relatively intimate confines of Evolve while you still can.

Eastcoast Love Story (Moncton, N.B.)

When: Friday July 14, Palace Yurt

One of the last times that Moncton group Eastcoast Love Story played their hometown, it was as support for The Sheepdogs, a slot that earned them a legion of new fans. This certainly won’t be the last Evolve appearance for this quartet.

The Galpines (Moncton, N.B.)

When: Sunday July 16, Sunflower Stage

If you like your country music raunchy and proud, Moncton quartet The Galpines has your number. A little fun never hurt anyone, especially when it’s played as well as this.

 The Hypochondriacs (Fredericton, N.B.)

When: Friday July 14, Sunflower Stage

Start thinking of an excuse to leave work early on Friday now. The Hypochondriacs high-octane live show draws influence from country greats like Johnny Cash and George Jones, while musically embracing Memphis rockabilly and cowpunk.

Jont & The Infinite Possibility (Halifax, N.S.)

When: Sunday July 16, Palace Yurt

With the release of his latest album An Old Innocence, the dynamic Jont & The Infinite Possibility prove they are one of the East Coast’s best-kept songwriting secrets.

Les Paiens (Moncton, N.B.)

When: Saturday July 15, 4:45 p.m., Sunflower Stage

As one of Metro Moncton’s most musically ambitious acts, Les Paiens’ unique jazz-fusion sound will have little trouble finding eager ears among attendees at this year’s Evolve Festival.

Radio Radio (Clare, N.S.)

When: Saturday July 15, Sunflower Stage

After having rightfully earned numerous awards for its previous records, 2016 saw Radio Radio embark on a new journey of sorts with the release of their first English-language album, Light The Sky.

Stephen Lewis & The Big Band Of Fun (Fredericton, N.B.)

When: Thursday July 13, Mothership

With work on a highly anticipated full-length record slated to begin this year, few bands bring the funk like Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun. Like the name implies, party-poopers need not apply.

Xavier Rudd (Australia)

When: Friday July 14, Sunflower Stage

Xavier Rudd’s music and socially conscious lyrics have earned him the respect of fans all over the world. He is a longtime Evolve Festival favourite.

What: Evolve Festival
When: Thursday July 13 through Sunday July 17
Where: 274 Girvan Road, Beersville, N.B.
For ticket information and a complete schedule, visit www.evolvefestival.com