Erin Costelo looks to the past on new record

On her 2009 full-length debut record Fire & Fuss, Haligonian singer-songwriter Erin Costelo blended rich, layered piano-driven songs with insightful lyrics that speak to your soul.

A past East Coast Music Awards nominee, Costelo weaves her smokey voice in unique arrangements that blend barrelhouse blues, boogie woogie and ’60s soul.

Having performed at Plan B last week as a part of East Coast Music Awards Week, Costelo is returning to Metro Moncton to perform at Plan B this coming Sunday night.

Costelo tells the Times & Transcript that while she has not disavowed folk music by any means, she shares that her next album owes more to the world of soul music than folk music.

“My new record owes much to ’60s inspired soul music,” Costelo shares. “I think the record is going to be a reflection of what I have been listening to lately, girl vocal groups like the Exciters and solo artists like Aretha Franklin.”

Though Costelo has no qualms with the way that Fire & Fuss turned out at the end of the day, the approach that she and acclaimed recording engineer Charles Austin are taking with respect to her new album owes as much to the past as her sound does.

“We are recording the album to tape and completely live off the floor to capture the same ‘live’ feeling that would have been so prominent on those soul records in the ’60s. I was very happy with the way that Fire & Fuss turned out but I feel as though it didn’t necessarily capture the live sound of the band as much as I would have liked it to have done. That plays a big part in the approach we have taken for this new record.”

Article published in April 20, 2012 edition of the Times & Transcript