Ehrhardt returns home for show tomorrow

Although she now calls Quebec City her home, Moncton native Jane Ehrhardt is returning to her hometown to celebrate the release of her third full-length effort, A Sleeper’s Dream. The show is taking place tomorrow evening at Café Campus, on the Université de Moncton campus in the student union building and is open to both students of the university as well as the general public.

Ehrhardt’s interest in music was planted early in her life. She joined her first band while still in junior high and integrating herself as a regular show attendee in the once thriving all-ages music scene. She continued playing music until venturing off to university at which point she put her guitar down so that she could devote her attention to her studies in psychology.

“At that point in my life, I really didn’t believe that I could make a living playing music,” the soft-spoken Ehrhardt says via telephone. “But then I came to the realization that making music is what I truly wanted to do.”

Recorded in May and June of 2010, A Sleeper’s Dream continues Ehrhardt’s pursuit of the perfect blend of folk, pop and country and also serves as the debut of the musician’s first song sung in French.

“This is my first record with a French song but I have been writing more and more in French as time passes,” she says. “I am definitely interested in including more French songs on my future records. Living in Quebec has really built my confidence as far as the French language goes. I actually speak French more than I do English these days.”

As comfortable as she is with her second language, she admits that it was a bit of a struggle to coax an entirely French song out of her.

“I think for anybody, they are most comfortable writing songs in their native language.”

Ehrhardt goes on to say that she feels as though her third effort is returning her back to her folk roots, leaving her dalliances with rock behind for the time being.

“I find that I have really matured as a songwriter but the band as well as the song arrangements have matured greatly as well. Luckily for me, I have a solid backing band that brings elements of jazz and country into my music.”

Though her third record has seemingly returned Ehrhardt to her musical roots, she does not anticipate becoming a full-time resident of her hometown anytime soon. She says that while she will always have a soft spot for Moncton, living in Quebec has opened a whole new world of inspiration for her.

“There is so much great music in the province and seems to be so much support for the arts here. Living here, I have discovered a whole other culture, one where you’ve got musicians that are really popular within Quebec’s borders but their popularity doesn’t extend much beyond there.

“Overall, the quality of life is great in Quebec. It is a really beautiful, picturesque place to live. That being said, I do miss the Maritimes and try to get back as often as I can.”

Article published in March 4, 2011 edition of the Times & Transcript