Eclectic singer and songwriter to play Crumbs

Described as “an exceptional, eclectic singer/songwriter who defies easy characterization”, David Ward is stopping by Crumbs Café in Fredericton to perform on Tuesday July 21.

Ward spent almost two years promoting his debut record Never Meant To Know before travelling to Ghana, West Africa to study traditional drumming, song and dance under the tutelage of the Kusun Ensemble.

“I was in Ghana West Africa for a total of four months “” one month on the coast studying music, song, and dance and the other three months inland, up in the mountains in a rural community called Ejura where I taught music, math, English and PE,” Ward explains.

“Living in Ghana was an incredibly valuable experience for me. First and foremost, being in Ghana strengthened my belief in community. Though I felt myself an observer most of the time, I never felt as if I didn’t belong and that’s because of the people and the incredible spirit that seems to pervade across the country. Everything appears to be shared from food, to lodging to music and art. It is an incredibly generous and spirited culture.”

Ward is a committed advocate to change in the community through various endeavors and initiatives known as CHANGE projects. At his shows, Ward places a guitar case or piggy bank at the front of the stage which he uses as a pressure-free way to encourage the audience to donate their spare change for use in his various charitable projects.

“I think my experience in Africa had a large effect on why I do these CHANGE projects “” this idea of community,” Ward says. “Just by living we affect the world around us so I figured why not affect it in a positive way and take a few extra steps to make a few greater changes in our community “” be it our local or our global community. The idea of community is one of the most powerful in the world to me and if we treat others like they are a part of our community “” which they are “” I feel there would be a lot more understanding, warmth and positive growth.”

Ward recently finished up residencies at a couple of intimate Toronto music venues, temporarily relocating from his BC home.

“Both of my Toronto residencies lasted from January to June of this year and ended only because of this tour I am embarking on. The residencies had provided me with a place to spread my wings, learn what works in my show, consistently re-evaluate my art so I can find out where it fits and feels good for myself, and garner new fans.

“Living there gave me many opportunities to explore the work of others. It is such a vibrant city and can be overwhelmingly so because of the high volume of unique, quality events happening daily.”

This summer, Ward is embarking on a 20 date, solo Eastern Canadian tour with half of those dates slated for the Maritimes. With acclaim from across much of Canada and Europe this will be David’s first foray into the east coast of Canada.

So if you’re in the mood for some unique music on Tuesday evening, make sure you stop by Crumbs Café on King Street in Fredericton to catch David Ward. Those interested in discovering more about this exciting artist can visit his website at

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