Dupuis travels the globe

Learning to play a musical instrument at a young age isn’t unusual for many children but like any parent who has lived through this might tell you, it takes a lot of dedication and patience to realize any type of success or recognition. 

Fortunately for Metro Moncton’s own Dominique Dupuis, success and recognition have seemingly gone hand in hand since she made the fateful decision to pick up the violin at 7 years old. Dupuis made her concert debut at the age of 12 years old, performing at Bouctouche’s world-renowned Pays De La Sagouine. Since then, she has continued to dazzle audiences all over the world with her unbridled energy, enthusiasm and passion that she holds for the violin. 

While she has been embraced with open arms by Canadians and Americans alike, she is also making quite a name for herself in Europe. Buoyed by a performance in front of more than 55,000 people at the Stade de France in Paris in 2004, Dupuis has been fortunate enough to play throughout France while also logging performances in Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. 

Dupuis acknowledges there are some differences between Canadian and European crowds but, at the end of the day she believes that music is an international language, understood by people the world over no matter what their native tongue is. 

“Depending on where I play in Europe, crowds can be just as loud and rowdy as crowds here at home,” she says. “European crowds have really embraced my music and have more-less given me a second home. The population there is so generous and loving; I am so grateful to have such loyal fans so far away from home.” 

It is clear the Dupuis is humbled by the success that she has found in her music career to date:   

“I do feel truly blessed,” Dupuis starts. “When I started playing the violin, I never dreamed of playing at this level. It’s an unbelievable feeling when people enjoy the music that I play, which is essentially for me. 

“I’m equally grateful I get to showcase my music with its subtle notes of Acadian, Scottish, Irish, Rock and more for people from around the world. I show them my home and my roots through my music.” 

With such a hectic tour schedule keeping her away from home, Dupuis is fortunate that her husband Danny plays in her band and has the opportunity to travel with her to many of these far-off places. 

“Danny and I met through music and now we are getting to share our passion and our love for each other through it as well. I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to live through some truly amazing moments both on stage and off stage. 

“We’ve traveled together through Europe and North America and have seen some really amazing things so far,” Dupuis says fondly.  

With her husband in tow, Dupuis will be returning to France early next month for what she calls a “short-haul tour” through the country. The 23 year old musician will then return home for a show in Dieppe on the Acadian holiday, August 15. 

In the more immediate future however, Dupuis will be performing on the Atlantic Lottery Mainstage in Downtown Moncton on Saturday July 24 as a part of the Mosaiq Concert Series. Also performing on Saturday evening will be Chris Colepaugh, David Myles, Annie Blanchard, Jessica Rhaye and Nathalie Renault. The show gets under way at 7:00 pm.

Article published in July 20, 2010 edition of the Times & Transcript