Drop your booty with Jenocide

Over the past four years, Halifax musician Jen Clarke (Windom Earle, HOTSHOTROBOT) has been writing songs based on her various experiences as a female musician. The result of this work is Jenocide and their album, Machines To Make Us Wet, an indie-electro act that plays upbeat dance music with themes geared towards women’s empowerment.

Jenocide will be performing alongside fellow Haligonian dance masters Ruby Jean and The Thoughful Bees at shows throughout the province of New Brunswick from Jan. 23 through 29.

Inspired by female artists such as Peaches, M.I.A. and Madonna, Jenocide identifies with her fellow female musicians on more than one level.

“These artists are great examples of strong female, cutting edge, electro artists who create great music while lyrically expressing and addressing political issues around them, while still being danceable and fun,” Jenocide explains. “I think it’s great when you can create a pop song that has impact; one that’s catchy but still has a message – and the message can be political but doesn’t need to overshadow the accessibility or fun of electro music.”

She admits that Jenocide is a character intended to pay homage to the artists from whom she has taken inspiration throughout her life.

“Madonna, Peaches, Deborah Harry, Belinda Carlisle – it’s a real girl party,” she admits.

Similar to a Peaches concert, Jenocide often goes to extraordinary lengths to involve her audience in her live show. Clarke often takes to the dance floor during her shows and for better or worse, will often do her best to incite the crowd to move, even if it means pushing and shoving them.

“The live show is a lot more fun than sitting at home with your stereo speakers. If you come to my show, I’m not going to stand on stage and just sing my songs; I’m going to jump into the crowd and party with you. I want to see some booties drop, New Brunswick!”

Come drop your booty with Jenocide at any of the following shows in the province: Saturday, Jan. 23 at The Blue Olive in Saint John; Sunday, Jan. 24 in Fredericton at The Capitol; Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Paramount Lounge in Moncton; Friday, Jan. 29 at George’s Roadhouse in Sackville.

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