Dischord Celebrate Release Of Epitaph EP On Saturday

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Moncton extreme metal band Dischord brings the almost five-year gap between studio efforts to an end with the release of their new effort, Epitaph, at Moncton’s Esquire Tavern on Saturday.

The lengthy time between releases can be attributed a number of factors, the least of which included revamping the Dischord lineup. Regardless, vocalist-guitarist Luc Gagné remains optimistic of the future ahead of the band.

“The last few years has really been about rebuilding the band from the ground up, as we have been re-learning old material as well as working on new stuff,” he notes, attributing the various line-up changes to the changing life priorities of other members.

Gagné shares that the group used the time between releases wisely, crafting what might be their most ambitious and deliberately plotted effort to date: A concept album about the rise and fall of Soviet Russia, starting with the Bolshevik Revolution before moving onto Stalin and concluding with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“There is no way to rush the creative process; you just have to work through it. We are thrilled to be at the point of finally getting something new released.”

“As a songwriter, this is the first time that we wrote around one specific concept. It challenged us in good ways, though, to ensure there was a running theme through the lyrics that logically progressed as the story was told. We have always been keen about making sure we aren’t repeating ourselves and aren’t painting ourselves into a corner. We embrace musical diversity.”

Since forming in 2004, Dischord has cultivated a dedicated fanbase throughout the Maritimes. Although extreme heavy metal groups aren’t as terribly common as mainstream acts, Gagné says the Maritimes does in fact boast a vital extreme metal community.

“The extreme metal scene in the Maritimes is great, but it tends to be rather underground. A lot of the acts that are a part of the scene don’t tend to surface often, which makes me thankful to be in a position where Dischord is still going strong.”

For more information on Dischord, visit their online home at www.dischord.ca.

What: Dischord CD Release for Epitaph with special guests Hero’s Last Rite and Sensory Deception
When: Saturday Jan. 23, 9 p.m.
Where: Esquire Tavern, 2 Reade St., Moncton