Digital downloads pay off for Michou

Even though music channels are favouring tween TV shows over music videos these days, don’t ring the death knell for the video medium just yet. 

Windsor pop-folk band Michou has scored some sweet airplay for their pop anthem “Growing Younger” on our nation’s video channels. The fact that the video cost only $100 to produce makes for an even sweeter coup and proves that a big pile of money doesn’t always make for a popular final product. 

Michou are on the road promoting their new record Cardona, now available for purchase via iTunes while physical copies are currently limited to purchase from the band’s live shows. According to Michou vocalist Mike Hargreaves, the group is currently negotiating a deal which will give Cardona a widespread national release. 

Hargreaves sounds cautiously optimistic about his group’s prospects for further success and why shouldn’t he be? 

Even though their new record hasn’t been given a “proper” national release, they have already moved 1500 copies of Cardona, a feat that took them two years of solid touring to accomplish with their 2008 debut Myshkin. 

Hargreaves says that the group is reaping the benefits of having soft-launched Cardona and enjoy giving their fans the option of how they want to buy their music. 

“Most people are digitally inclined these days and as such, we wanted to give them the option of buying Cardona right away,” Hargreaves says. 

“So far, we have found that it has been incredibly beneficial to the band. People are coming to the shows and know the songs already rather than playing a bunch of new material that no one is familiar with.” 

Michou’s upcoming tour of the Maritimes will be the band’s sixth visit to our coast in the past two years and will see the band play a remarkable 10 shows in our region. 

“We love the east coast so much,” Hargreaves enthuses. “The drives between shows are as good as the shows themselves.”