Die Mannequin to open for Marilyn Manson

diemannequinToronto “sleaze rock” band Die Mannequin are making a much anticipated return to the Maritimes next week when the group finds themselves with the opening slot on Marilyn Manson’s shows in Moncton and Halifax.

The group is promoting their newest record Fino Bleed, a record that is being marketed as the group’s proper debut album as the band’s previously issued Unicorn Steak CD was a compilation of two previously released EP’s.

To make their new record, the group decamped to Los Angeles to work with producer Matt Hyde. Hyde has worked with other renowned bands such as Monster Magnet, Slayer and Canada’s own Pride Tiger.

Die Mannequin vocalist-guitarist Care Failure said the experience of working with Hyde surpassed her greatest expectations of what the results would end up producing.

“Matt and I really clicked more than I thought we would,” she admits from her Toronto home. “He goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything he does. He has a genuine penchant for talent and wants to nurture it as well. In fact, after the album had wrapped up, he called me to see if we could work together again in the future which is amazing. It really was an honour to work with him.”

One major change in the Die Mannequin operation leading up to their new record was having Failure try her hand at writing with others, an experience she also speaks highly of.

“I think all record labels like to call up the big guys hoping for to score a hit. I ended up writing with Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk and ended up staying to write with them longer than anyone else I collaborated with on this record. I really like them “” they are genuinely cool people.

“Making a record is somewhat of a compromise though “” you have balance what you want with what the record company is thinking will help sell your product. There are songs that didn’t make the record that I love a lot but I found out that you can learn a lot from other writers. Ultimately though, I learned to trust myself and my instincts.”

But while some aspects of their new record might have been smooth, an unexpected road block popped up. Just two weeks prior to entering the studio to make the new record, Failure’s laptop computer which contained song ideas for Fino Bleed was unceremoniously stolen from her.

“The whole thing just ended up being so chaotic,” Failure admits. “We had been touring so much that I really hadn’t had the time to write the new record. And this record was important to us as well as our label so we really wanted to get things right.

“After my laptop disappeared, I had those two weeks to write the entire record which really helped me learn to refine the song writing craft in a big way.”

With shows in Europe on their schedule in the near future, Failure is looking forward to the group’s dates with the Antichrist Superstar and specifically returning to Moncton.

“We have always had such great shows in that city. Everybody that comes out to the show has such a great time. We really love Moncton and can’t wait to get back.”

Catch Die Mannequin on the opening slot on Marilyn Manson’s show at the Moncton Coliseum on Saturday September 26. Tickets for the show are available online at tickets.moncton.ca and by phone at (506) 857-4100.

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